Teams will compete for recognition and prize money in five categories and a grand prize of $8,000
Winner Price
$ 4,000 usd
$ 2,000 usd
$ 1,000 usd
$ 500 usd
$ 500 usd
Encourage the power of Axelar's secure cross-chain communication to create groundbreaking applications that seamlessly connect Web3. Collaborate with visionary builders and showcase your project to potential investors.
Infrastructure / Tooling

Infrastructure /


DeFi / Payment

DeFi /


NFTs / Metaverse / Gaming

NFTs /



DAO / Governance



Social Impact / Web3 Social

Social Impact /

Web3 Social

Key Dates
Registration Period
July 6th - August 31th, 2023
Workshop 1
July 22nd, 2023 AWS @Singha Complex, MRT Phetburi Station (Exit 2)
Workshop 2
Aug 6th, 2023 DistrictX @FYI Center, MRT Queen Sirikit Station (Exit 1)
Workshop 3
Aug 20th, 2023 True Digital Park, BTS Punnawithi Station (Exit 6)
Demo Day
Sep 3rd, 2023 DistrictX @FYI Center, MRT Queen Sirikit Station (Exit 1)
*Limited spots are available. To guarantee your spot, please register by August 31th, 2023.
Axelar Tutorial Outline Course
Workshop 1
Workshop 2
Workshop 3
Session 1: Warming with Axelar Sandbox
  • Introduction to Axelar.
  • Introducing Axelar Sandbox.
  • Walkthrough example use cases provided in Axelar Sandbox (Airdrop, Hello World, Ping Pong).
  • Explaining cross-chain ERC20 token and giving a bootstrap code with some missing code to run on the Axelar Sandbox with test cases.
Session 2: Build your own cross-chain token
  • Deploy a simple ERC20 with the remix IDE to multiple chains.
  • Roleplay cross-chain ERC20 flow manually with Etherscan. The student will act as each axelar component, from the burning token in the source chain, passing through the axelar gas receiver, axelar gateway, axelar validators, and axelar relayer, to minting the token in the destination chain.
  • Implement both sender and receiver logic into the ERC20 contract.
  • Etherscan contract deployment and verification.
  • Interact with etherscan to bridge the ERC20 token cross-chain.
  • Introducing Axelarscan.
Session 3: Build a cross-chain token with an interchain token service
  • Introducing interchain token service.
  • Deploy a new interchain token using Axelar Service Portal:
  • Interacting with interchain token service through Laika.
Join Our Axelar Developer Community
Rules / Guidelines
Rules / Guidelines
Team 1-5 members
Submission Guidelines
Must utilize(at least 1) to create a cross-chain application:
• Axelar's General Message Passing
• Axelar's SDK
Must Submit:
• Link to open-source Github Repo
• Link to externally-facing web app
• 5-minute (max) video walkthrough of your app
• Future development road map (to be considered for continued funding)
• Pitchdeck
Judging Criteria
25 Points
Product Design
Teams need to create user-friendly tools that people genuinely want to use. To score well in this category, project teams should demonstrate a strong understanding of their potential market size, focus on creating an intuitive and visually appealing user experience, and consider the practical limitations when building cross-chain solutions
25 Points
Designing the future of cross-chain technology requires thinking outside the box and coming up with fresh ideas. We value innovative solutions to complex problems and projects that challenge the existing norms in the crypto space.
25 Points
Use of Axelar
Axelar's developer toolkit opens up new possibilities in the crypto world. Make the most of it! Teams that effectively integrate Axelar's tools into their products will receive high marks in this category.
25 Points
Realistic business case
Teams should demonstrate their ability to identify a problem, propose a unique and innovative solution, understand their target market, present a compelling value proposition, outline a practical implementation strategy, and show that their project is feasible and scalable.
Who can register for Axelathon?
Everyone who wants to develop your skills and build a web 3 ecosystem with Axelar.
When is the time period of Axelathon?
Hackathon registration
1st July - 31st August 2023
3rd September 2023
How many categories to compete in Axelathon?
  • Dev Tooling/Infrastructure - create tools or products that help accelerate the growth of the cross-chain economy
  • DeFi/Payments - help build a better financial system or e-commerce experience for the world
  • NFTs / Metaverse / Gaming - bring the world of gaming and digital collectibles to the interchain
  • DAO/Governance - enable global communities to come together in the most frictionless ways possible
  • Social Impact/Web3 Social - leverage the interchain to make the world a better, more connected place
*Although teams will register and compete for the top prizes in one of these categories, there will also be numerous supplemental awards as well. These supplemental awards will include but are not limited to:
How many prizes in the Axelathon?
  • Grand Prize $8,000
  • 1st - $4,000 USD

    2nd - $2,000 USD

    3rd - $1,000 USD

    4th - $500 USD

    5th - $500 USD

  • Pool Prize $5,000 ( Min 5 Teams)
  • Office Hours (Participate with Axelar as a mentor 2 times)

    Update Progress (Summit Demo Project)

  • Content Prize $300 x 3 Prizes (Choose by Team, Participate in Demo day, Share twitter hashtag #Axelathon and tag 3 friends )
  • Axelar Impression $100 x 2 Prizes (Choose by Team, Participate in Demo day, Share twitter hashtag #Axelathon and tag 3 friends )
  • Top Referral 1st = $300, 2nd = $200, 3rd = $100 , Pool Prize $300 (Google Form) (Choose by Team, Participate in Demo day, Share twitter hashtag #Axelathon and tag 3 friends ) ** Compromised after Summit Progress #1
How many teams will compete in each category?
Not limited
Can I register as an individual? Or do I need a team to compete?
Yes, You have to submit as a team with 1-5 members.
What are the requirements for our team to complete in Axelathon?
  • Your team will be eligible for a prize as long as you have registered to a specific category by the deadline , and build the product during the timeframe. We will have our judges make decisions on any teams entering the hackathon with a pre-existing MVP.
  • Additionally, all teams must meet the submission criteria and leverage the Axelar.
I have never done a hackathon before, is that ok?
While members of your team will definitely need software development experience, successful teams will be comprised of designers, front-end developers, project managers, and more! All that to be said, just because you have never done one before, does not mean you won't find success here!
If I am not a developer, are there ways to stay involved and up to date?
Yes - you can join a content award and referral program or you can join a team with others.
How will this event take place?
The Axelathon will take place both online and offline. All communications will be sent out via telegram, line group, twitter, discord and website. All registration and submissions will be facilitated via this page, and any presentations/videos will take place over Zoom. We aim to encourage building on a global scale.
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